What Means A 4K TV Exactly? A Beginner’s Guide

What Exactly Means 4K TV? A Beginner's Guide

“4K TV” is definitely one of the terms trending in Google searches right now, do you agree? I’m 100% sure you came across it at one point, by chance or not.

But means a 4K TV? Is it among those impossible-to-afford electronic products? Why does it start to replace the decent HDs or the sharp Full HDs?

Well, today we’re talking about 4Ks – A Guide For Beginners . 😉


4K Is Actually A Resolution

You wouldn’t really think of that, would you? Well, 4K gets its name from the fact that it’s 4 times larger (speaking in terms of resolution) than a regular full HD TV.

A normal TV found in most people’s home has around 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, while a 4K one has 3,840 x 2,160 ones. Yeas I know, if you multiply the first numbers by 4, you wouldn’t really get this result, but… math is different when it comes to pixels

So what exactly does this mean? Well, more pixels = clearer images, therefore the quality of a 4K TV’s picture is four times better than a full HD one. And if you ever watched a full HD TV, you know what a good picture quality it has. Well, imagine 4 times that quality if you can. If you can’t, your only choice is to try it in reality. 😉


Obviously, If It’s Larger In Pixels It Should Also Be In Dimensions…

A lot of people believe that technology developed so well that it allows you to have a much better image quality at the same dimensions.

Yeah, this is possible in many situations (and here I think about cameras) but when it comes to TVs, things are not quite there yet. At least, not when it comes to 4K TVs…

So to put things clear, in theory any regular TV dimensions can support a 4K resolution. However, the quality of the image won’t be the same on a 40-inch TV and on a 65-inch one. Obviously, it will be much better on the last one.

Now, if you upgrade your TV to a 4K resolution, you will also see a lot more details than on a full HD even if you keep the same dimensions. So there WILL be a noticeable difference. But to make the most of this 4K resolution, I really recommend a 65-inch screen (at least).

Therefore, the bigger your TV screen is, the nicer its picture quality.

What Exactly Means 4K TV? A Beginner's Guide


UHD Isn’t Really The Same Thing As 4K, But It Actually Is…

How’s that? Well, they are different things, but they became synoyms because of a language mistake. 

UHD or Ultra HD TV are the ones that have a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. That’s the same resolution as 4K, so this means they’re perfect synonyms, right?

Well, we’re not quite there. In theory, 4K TVs have a resolution of 4,096 x 2160 pixels. That’s in theory…Practically, they have the same resolution as UHDs. Because practically, only digital cinemas have such a huge number of pixels. And you couldn’t really buy a cinema screen and take it home, do you get my point?

So judging from this point of view, we should normally call these 4K TVs as “UHD TVs” because that’s the correct term. But “4K” started being used by people unaware of its meaning. And it has been used so much, that now everyone uses these 2 terms as synoyms. In fact, many persons don’t know about UHD but they do know about 4K.

So the world is sticking to this term. But basically, you’re not making any mistake if you use “UHD” instead of “4K”, or the opposite. Just know, in case you’re making a search, they mean pretty much the same.


Sitting Closer Than Normal Isn’t A Rule For 4K TVs

What Exactly Means 4K TV? A Beginner's Guide

I heard a lot of (so-called) experts that claimed that you won’t notice a very big difference in 4K TVs unless you stay around 100 inches far from it. Now, I don’t want to criticize anyone, but this seems a useless advice to me.

Yes, it’s true that the images you see when you sit closer are a bit more clear and look pretty real, but…there isn’t much difference. I tried sitting at about 150-160 inches far and the image still looked much better than in a Full HD TV. And even if I came closer, then wasn’t a huge improvement that would really amaze me.

So don’t listen to all opinions and sit at the distance where you’re the most comfortable. You will still enjoy all the benefits of a 4K TV… and you will not harm your sight at all.


Talking About This, More Pixels Doesn’t Automatically Mean Eye Damage

A lot of people suppose that 4K TVs are more likely to produce sight problems than full HD ones. Why? Because of the larger number of pixels in a 4K TV than in an HD.

So to put things clear, 4K TVs can’t produce any eye damage to an normal person, I mean not more than all the other types of TVs (more or less modern). The fact that it has much more pixels doesn’t have anything to do with it, pixels are just responsible for the image quality, nothing more.

Yes, if you are a TV addict and spend the whole day in front of it, you can get some sight problems at one point in your life. But this happened even if you watched a HD TV or a 4K one, so the type of TV wouldn’t matter that much.

Therefore, from this point of view there’s nothing to worry about: 4K TVs will not your affect your eyesight too soon, no matter how close of them you sit when watching stuff.


But Yes, They Are The TVs Of The Future

That’s the most important thing you have to remember about 4K TVs. They’ve been around for about 4 years and their popularity increases year after year. So they don’t seem to be going around too soon.

To make a brief summary of these devices, here are the main things you should remember about them:

  1. Their image has a 4 times better quality than a regular full HD TV, so probably about 5 times better than a HD one 
  2. That’s because the number of pixels they have is also 4 times larger
  3. This huge resolution doesn’t create any sight problems and stuff, these are just myths
  4. 4K and UHD isn’t really the same thing, even though a lot of people think they’re synonyms
  5. You don’t necessarily need to sit closer than you would stay in front of your HD TV. The image quality is pretty much the same even from 100 inches or from 150

So that’s pretty much the basics of what a 4K TV means. It is one of the electronic products of the future, and we are lucky to have this resolution available in so many options already.

4K TVs are still a bit over average among TV prices, so they are pretty much an investment. But the good news is that once you buy this kind of TV, you will never want to replace it with anything else. And its modern technology will ensure its durability for many years from now.

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