Top 6 4K TV Content Providers For Your Smart TV

Top 6 4K TV Content Providers For Your Smart TV

If the lack of content was one of the reasons why you didn’t buy a 4K TV yet, you no longer have an excuse. In this post I want to show you some of the best 4K content providers on the market.

Some are free, while others require a monthly fee. Some are more popular, while others you may have never heard of.

But from today on, you can start using any of these 4K providers in order to make the most of your smart TV and fully enjoy its benefits.


1. You Tube

Top 6 4K TV Content Providers For Your Smart TVDid you know that there are 4K videos on YouTube since 2010? I surely didn’t.

Well, YouTube is probably one of the best providers thanks to the fact that it’s totally free to use, even for longer videos. And it’s one of many people’s personal favorites, for sure.

Price: FREE


  • It was the first 4K videos source
  • You only need a decent Internet connection in order to use it
  • The range of videos available in 4K is pretty wide


  • Most videos are about wildlife and nature, or simply stuff uploaded by people. So you can’t find too many movies or shows


2. UltraFlix

Top 6 4K TV Content Providers For Your Smart TVEven though it’s quite a new platform, UltraFlix managed to grow its popularity by offering lots of great content pieces.

In fact, it is believed to have the largest range of 4K content on the market – nothing less than 600 hours in total. A good news is that a decent part of it is free of charge, and even if you choose the premium subscription, you get to pay only for the videos you want. So they don’t have a monthly/yearly fee.

Price: Some videos are free, others cost around $10 each


  • A lot of free videos
  • Probably the widest range of content available online, including concerts, documentaries and movies, some of the most important would be “Interstellar”, “Rocky” or “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”
  • It can work with a speed as low as 4 Mbps, which is by far the lowest on the market (among paid platforms)


  • The website isn’t extremely “friendly”
  • It only supports Sony, Samsung, Hisense and Vizio for now (but the compatibility is growing)


3. Vudu

Top 6 4K TV Content Providers For Your Smart TVWalmart’s streaming platform isn’t necessarily new, but it’s not exactly among the most popular choices. However, it does offer some very valuable content pieces, and you can usually find a new movie faster on Vudu than anywhere else.

Price: $10 for renting, $25 for buying (I recommend the last)


  • Pretty good options when it comes to content (“Sherlock Holmes”, “Man Of Steel”)
  • They usually have new content available very fast
  • No monthly subscription, you only pay for what you need


  • Their service is still not very well developed, as it only supports Vizio TVs
  • Overall, it costs more than other platforms, considering that 2 or more movies are more expensive than a monthly subscription on another streaming service


4. Amazon

Top 6 4K TV Content Providers For Your Smart TVEvery American’s best friend, Amazon sells absolutely anything you can imagine. So it’s quite obvious 4K content makes no exception.

Amazon offers a very wide selection of both 4K and HDR content. Some shows have their trademark, while others are simply sold or rented.

Tip: Being an Amazon Prime member can help you have access to a lot of content for free

Price: $99/year


  • They have both their own shows (see “Mozart in the Jungle”) and third party
  • They have a monthly/yearly subscription or simply renting any title you want
  • You can also buy certain movies, but the prices aren’t really worth it (at least $20, depending on the movie)
  • Their collection is pretty large and impressive


  • It’s only available for customers from Canada, UK And US


5. Netflix

Top 6 4K TV Content Providers For Your Smart TVIf you haven’t heard of Netflix, you’re probably not a 4K fan.

Even though it doesn’t actually have the age of YouTube when it comes to 4K content, Netflix is usually considered as the first 4K provider. The explanation is probably because it was the first one that brought 4K movies and shows, while YouTube focuses more on documentaries and short videos.

Even now, Netflix has a lot of content, but only series that were made by them. However, the monthly price of their subscription is more than affordable.

Price: $12.99/month


  • #1 4K provider when it comes to popularity
  • They have probably the largest selection of content, and keep in mind that most of it are original shows
  • The monthly subscription is really cheap, considering the amount of content available


  • You can’t really watch movies or shows that weren’t made by them, because they’re not included in the package


6. Hulu

Top 6 4K TV Content Providers For Your Smart TVAnother quite important 4K provider, Hulu also offers a lot of content that you can’t find anywhere else. And that’s available especially when it comes to older movies or TV shows, that were on fashion long before smart TVs appeared.

Hulu also has an original offer with their own videos, but they also have quite a wide selection of “foreign” videos. However, just like Vudu, new content is available very fast here.

Price: $7.99 basic subscription


  • Lots of content available for any kind of user, as there is just one subscription plan (2 actually – with ads and without ads, but the content is basically the same)
  • Very fast coming up of new content
  • Monthly subscription costs quite little


  • It doesn’t offer popular series like Netflix or Amazon


So Are These 4K Providers Enough?

If you complained about the lack of 4K native content until now, I think you no longer have a reason. These 6 platforms are the best in town, and each of them alone can keep your smart TV busy for a long time.

The good part about most of them is that they are either free, or they come with a minimal cost, considering the quantity of content they offer.

You can choose one or you can go for several, it’s up to how much stuff you want to watch. Or you can also cancel one platform once you get bored of it and go for another one, and so on. You have so many possibilities right now, that you have no excuse to not get a 4K TV in the nearest future. 😀

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  1. Ted Tufano says:

    I use Netflix and I pay around $10 per month. They have a lot of movies and shows, so you shouldn’t get bored of it very soon.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Ted, Neflix is one of the best sources of 4K content and it’s continuously developing. Thanks for letting me know your opinion.

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