Samsung UN50MU6300FXZA Review – Gaming In A Faster Level

Samsung UN50MU6300FXZA Review - Gaming In A Faster Level

It’s time for my Samsung UN50MU6300FXZA Review, because at first sight it seems a great low-budget 4K TV. But if we dig beneath the surface, does it still keep this appearance?

The MU63000 has all the features to be one of the top pieces in its “under $700” category.  The excellent picture skills, fast response time and prefect blur control are just a few of its numerous qualities. 

 But are these enough to compensate the not-so-excellent dark scenes?


So Let’s Get To The Review

Product name: UN50MU6300 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

Producer: Samsung Electronics

Price: $697.99 at the time I wrote this review

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Worth buying?: Totally



  • Excellent contrast rates (5768:1)
  • Color saturation is superior to most TVs
  • Very good levels of black in dark scenes
  • Basic, accurate design that maximizes the screen
  • Decent audio system
  • Lower-quality content is up-scaled very good
  • Easy to use, compact smart system
  • Very low input lag, so great for gaming (even HDR)
  • Price/quality ratio is very good



  • Bad viewing angles, just like any LCD
  • The reflection filter isn’t very good
  • No local dimming
  • Small color gamut of the HDR system


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1. Appearance & Design – Great For The Price

The MU6300 is pretty similar in design to its 2016 sibling, the KU6300. Measuring just 0.67″ in thickness and 2.56″ at the bottom, this TV can easily enter the slim category.

The overall design is pretty simple, which is not too surprising considering it’s a Samsung creation. The borders are plain, black and pretty thin, so the screen covers around 97% of the frontal part.

The only thing that draws the attention a bit more is the curved TV stand, which once again resembles the KU6300 perfectly. The stand allows a sturdy placement but the TV can also be wall mounted without any problems. Plus that the inputs can be accessed easily from each position.

So overall, the MU6300 comes in a pretty minimalist design that maximizes its utility and viewing side. It looks quite elegant itself, so from this point of view you wouldn’t say it’s a $700 piece.

Samsung UN50MU6300FXZA Review - Gaming In A Faster Level

The MU6300 (left) vs. KU6300 (right) – At first sight they look almost identical


2. Picture Parameters – Astounding Rates

Even though it has a pretty good picture quality overall, the MU6300 is not the absolutely best at this chapter. But that’s not because of the picture-related parameters, which are excellent.

The contrast and black levels are much better than in most TVs of this price. When it comes to contrast, the native rate is 5768:1, which is an incredible number. Those of you who are familiar with 4K TVs probably know what I’m talking about. 😉

The black levels are also very high, meaning that this TV can produce deep black colors even in a dark room.

The color accuracy is excellent, so the user experience should be also very good. At least counting exclusively on these picture-related parameters. Because the small problems the MU6300 has aren’t directly related to them…

Samsung UN50MU6300FXZA Review - Gaming In A Faster Level

The MU6300 (left) vs. the KU6300 – Though the look quite similar, the first picture has a higher contrast rate and better saturated colors


3. Overall Picture Quality – A Few Missing Things

The TV does not have any local dimming, which is a pretty big thing in dark scenes viewed in a dark room. The excellent contrast compensates this downside, though, and the darker scenes look very good even in dark rooms.

Besides, the VA-based panels don’t keep the image perfect when viewing from the side. So watching the screen from as close to the front as you can is essential. But that’s pretty common in LED TVs, so let’s say it’s not such a big deal.

Another problem that Samsung didn’t manage to fix in under $700 4K TVs is the reflection filter. Things are far from terrible, as this isn’t even visible in a normal or darker room. However, if your space is really bright, you will probably notice some reflection. It won’t be extremely disturbing, but it won’t be too pleasant either.

So overall, the MU6300 produces excellent pictures, but it has some problems with local dimming. Fortunately, the great contrast manages to compensate this and the final picture is way above average.


4. Up-scaling & Motion Blur – Good Enough

Just like most Samsung creations, the MU6300 has no problem playing lower-quality content. Even DVDs will look decent on this TV, despite not having the finest picture in this case. However, anything from 72op above will look much improved – cable based programs, Blu-ray and non-native 4K content.

But despite the excellent up-scaling system, things are not so perfect when it comes to judder.

Even though it’s not easily noticeable, a slightly blurry image may appear in very fast scenes. However, I said it’s not easily noticeable, and the truth is that for most it’s not visible. So it’s not as bad as it sounds.

On the other hand, judder can appear in certain movies scenes, that should normally stay very clean. A good solution would be to turn the Auto Motion Plus on and the judder should normally go away immediately.

Samsung UN50MU6300FXZA Review - Gaming In A Faster Level

From left to right: 420p, 720p, 1080p and 4K content scaled by the MU6300


5. Audio System – Could Be Much Worse

Despite not reaching any level of performance, the MU6300’s sound is more than decent for this price.

The bass sounds aren’t too clear, the sound itself isn’t enough for a decent home theatre experience, but there’s always room for improvement. A soundbar should solve both of these problems. And even though Samsung doesn’t recommend any certain model for this TV, most soundbars are compatible with any TV created by this company.


6. Smart System – Easy To Navigate Around

Samsung’s Smart Hub maintains the efficiency of the 2016 model, along with its simplicity. The menu is very easy to use, as you have all the apps listed at the bottom. Essential programs like Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Video are even easier to access, as they are placed closed to the lower border.

Just like most 2017 creations, the MU6300 has a voice command that you can access using the remote. This has a microphone, so all you need to do is say what you want to do next. Changing the channel, opening an app and even Internet browsing are possible using the voice command. But you probably know that. 🙂

Back to the remote, it has a simple, minimalist design, which is by no means a minus. Unlike Sony’s last models, the remote looks much more sophisticated but it’s much easier to use. It has a very friendly design, plus that the few buttons are quite enough for most users.

Samsung UN50MU6300FXZA Review - Gaming In A Faster Level


7. Gaming – Beyond Expectations

When it comes to this chapter, the MU6300 has a lot of reasons to be praised for.

The input lag is really low, less than 20 ms, which is quite incredible for a TV that is estimated to worth less than $700. However, don’t forget to turn on the “Game mode” from “Special Viewing Modes” every time you want to use it for gaming. Otherwise, this TV may not impress you too much.

HDR gaming is also supported by the MU6300, and the graphics are still very good. The input lag remains under 20 ms, which is a big achievement itself. Gamers know what I’m talking about.

Samsung UN50MU6300FXZA Review - Gaming In A Faster Level


So It Is Really A Worth Buying TV?

It definitely is, at least considering the price it comes with.

The lack of local dimming is probably the main reason why this TV’s picture isn’t among the best ones. However, its contrast, brightness and color accuracy have incredibly high rates. So whenever you’re not watching in a very dark room, the picture quality should be amazing. Otherwise, it should be just very good.

So overall, Samsung’s MU6300 model excels in gaming and fast content. However, it is an over-average TV, and considering its price, I say it’s totally buying.

If you’re looking for a gaming TV, this model is definitely the best choice for these money. But all in all, the MU6300 is a TV that will not disappoint you neither in picture, nor in smart features.


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2 Responses

  1. Mark Mc says:

    Great info, I was looking for a gaming TV until I found your post. The thing is that I don’t have a large budget and I can’t afford paying more than $1000.

    Anyway, this TV sounds like what I’m looking for. I was a bit let down by the audio part, though. Do you think I need a sound bar just for gaming? I care about sound a lot, so I don’t want just to buy this TV and then to have to buy a sound bar too. I don’t have much money available, as I said.

    • Dan says:

      Hello Mark, from your description of what you need, I do believe the MU6300 would make the best choice for you. It’s great for gaming, has a really good picture and comes in a pretty low price for its value.

      Regarding your question, the sound of this TV should be more than enough just for gaming. Just like I said in my review, I would only recommend an additional sidebar if you want a home theatre experience. Otherwise, the sound of this TV is above many others. So for gaming, you should be really satisfied with it.

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