Samsung UN40KU6300 Review – The Best 4K TV Under $500 In The World?


Right now it’s time for my Samsung UN40KU6300 Review, which is probably the best 4K TV under $500 you can get right now.

It may not have the amazing features of $1000 4K TVs, but it does combine over average elements and great technical details. So judging after its price, it’s the best choice you can make if you need a low-budget but still professional 4K TV. 


So Let’s Get To The Review

Product name: UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

Producer: Samsung

Price: $489.95 at the time I wrote this review

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Worth Buying?: Yes, it’s the best choice among under $500 4K TVs


In A Nutshell

Samsung UN40KU6300, which brings together many of $1000+ features. The smaller format isn’t such a big downside at a closer look, because the picture quality is far superior to any low-budget TV on the market.

Despite the bad viewing angle and not-so-powerful audio system, the UN40KU6300 remains one of people’s top choices. The smart system is simple enough for everyone, the design is absolutely gorgeous and the features are extremely good for a $500 4K TV.

What else could you desire at this price?

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1. Aspect & Design – Elegance Taken To A $1000 Level

Samsung UN40KU6300 Review – The Best 4K TV Under $500 In The World?

If you’re a fan of slim TVs, Samsung’s UN40KU6300 model is probably more than you could dream of. Although thinness is rarely a characteristic of under $500 TVs, in this case it’s different. The screen only measures 2.5″ in width, which is not so common even in the superior OLEDs.

The TV may not have glass panels or optimal dimensions, but when it comes to appearance, it’s not far from a $2000 4K TV. The fact that it only measures 40″ is also a significant factor for its lightweight design.

Although this would be a downside for many 4K fans, the smaller dimensions can also be regarded as a good thing. The TV is easier to carry around, the overall design is much more beautiful and the picture quality is good enough for a great 4K experience.

The only possible problem is its inability to filter all the reflecting light. This may not be a problem in a dark room or during a colored scene, but it can be a little annoying when the screen is covered in black.

The Good – Gorgeous, lightweight design; The Bad – Weak reflecting light filter


2. Picture – The Main Strong Point

Despite being a low-budget 4K TV, Samsung’s UN40KU6300 image quality is superior to 95% models with similar prices. That’s because of the great contrast and brightness rates, which are the main responsibles of picture quality in modern TVs.

However, it’s not all automatic. The great images may be because of the good contrast and brightness, but Samsung allows you a wide pattern of settings and options that let you change every image related parameter. In this way, you can create your own perfect picture mode.

Now, these kind of settings are pretty common in 4K TVs, but in this KU6300 the number of parameters you can change is much larger. In other words, you can personalize the image anytime, which is pretty amazing for a $500 TV.

The Good – Great contrast and brightness

Samsung UN40KU6300 Review – The Best 4K TV Under $500 In The World?


3. Up-scaling Engine – Pretty Good Rating

Most 4K TVs are able to play non-4K content, that’s something everyone knows. But how good they play it, well…this depends of a feature called up-scaling engine.

Obviously, the more expensive a TV is, the better its up-scaling engine will be. But that’s not always a rule, as UN40KU6300’s one is more than decent, considering the money.

When it comes to HD content, the up-scaling system does a really great job. The picture is not only clearer, but the quality is much improved. And that’s another reason of praise for the amazing picture features of this 4K TV; Samsung definitely knows what to count on when making a good budget TV.

The Good – Improved HD Content


4. Motion Blur – Not Too Bad, But It Exists

But it’s not all exceptional when it comes to picture. The motion blur may not be extremely annoying, but it is there. That especially when watching certains sports and very fast movie scenes. It’s true that these aren’t necessarily daily situations, but it’s important to know that this TV’s motion blur is not as inexistent as a superior one’s.

However, these is a solution to this problem. Samsung has a feature called Auto Motion Plus, which enables the so-called “soap opera” effect. Its purpose is to reduce motion blur in scenes where TV’s skills are outweighted. And even though it’s a really good solution, it’s not so comfortable to set it manually everytime you’re dealing with motion blur.

The Good – Blur reduction program; The Bad – Motion blur existance


5. Viewing Angles – The Eternal Problem Of LEDs

If we started talking about UN40KU6300’s main downsides, it’s time to move on to ones of the most frustrating – bad viewing angles.

Now, it’s true that you can’t compare an LED with an OLED when it comes to viewing angles. That’s because OLED’s superior technology and technical design ensure amazing quality from this point of view. On the other hand, LED TVs are known to have this problem, and it seems it’s pretty hard to find a permanent solution.

UN40KU6300’s image keeps its quality if you change distance without changing viewing position. However, if you try to watch the screen from the corner of the room, the picture won’t stay that clear.

Therefore, producers may have found temporary solutions to the viewing angle problem of LEDs, but there wasn’t any major one. The only big improvement was the creation of OLED TVs, that got totally rid of this issue, but they are still not affordable for every budget.

The Bad – Low image quality on angle viewing

Samsung UN40KU6300 Review – The Best 4K TV Under $500 In The World?


6. Audio System -Decent But Not Excellent

If I had to rate this TV’s audio system based exclusively on a comparison with 65″ OLED TVs, it would probably get a really bad grade. However, juding after its dimensions, features and last but not least, price, I would say the audio part is good enough for this level.

The TV doesn’t have any soundbar attached, but it does have onboard sounds (20 watts to be precise). Now, if you are a TV passionate, you probably know that 20 watts doesn’t mean that much, especially if we’re talking about onboard sounds.

However, the overall sound volume is pretty decent. Not good or great, but decent for a regular room of 18 x 24 feet. Of course that if you want a home theater experience, additional soundbars are a neccessity. But as a regular 4K TV in a regular room, I say the small audio system is pretty much enough.

The Good – Enough Volume On Average; The Bad – 20 watts onboard sounds


7. Supported Formats – Count On HDR

4K OLEDs support a lot of different formats, that’s for sure. But the truth is that once you lower the budget, these formats start going away one by one.

That’s also the case of Samsung’s UN40KU6300 model, that pretty much counts on HDR. That’s not a major problem because most 4K content (and non-4K too) is made in HDR. Besides, there’s also HDR10+, which is pretty similar to the original format but with a better contrast.

HDR10+ was made by Samsung for 2017 models and some of the 2016 ones. Fortunately, the UN40KU6300 is on the list. However, a format that is not supported is Dolby Vision. That’s not necessarily a surpise, as Dolby Vision is somehow the HDR10+’s twin, but it’s only supported by LG. So once you have HDR10+, you don’t really need Dobly Vision that much.

On the other hand, the lack of 3D support may come as a surprise, considering that many LED TVs of similar prices do support it. It’s true that its popularity is slowly decreasing, but there are still many 3D lovers that could have been interested in this model.

The Good – HDR and HDR10+; The Bad – No 3D

Samsung UN40KU6300 Review – The Best 4K TV Under $500 In The World?


8. Smart System – Simplicity Is The Way To Success

…at least that’s what Samsung believes. The smart platform hasn’t changed too much compared to its predecessors: its design remains simple and straightforward, easy to use for any fresh user.

One thing that I personally like about UN40KU6300’s Smart Hub, the smart system, is its personalization feature. Several users can make their own settings when it comes to picture or preferred content. And even though you probably won’t need more than 2 users normally, this feature can come really in handy when you have guests.

Samsung’s preference for simplicity is also visible in the remote, which keeps a very basic design. However, there’s a cutting-edge touchpad that can come really in handy when you want to change the chanel easily. Many 4K remotes don’t have this touchpad, so this simple design turns out to be more compact.

The Good – Personalized features


So, Is It the Best 4K TV Under $500 You Can Get?

Judging after its features and picture quality, yes it is. At least, I haven’t found a better one at this price.

To me (and probably to you too), picture quality is the #1 thing to consider when buying a 4K TV. After all, it’s a TV, the picture is what you buy it for. Well, Samsung’s UN40KU6300 has a really good image quality, incredibly good for this price, I would say. The excellent contrast and the brightness offer a great user experience.

The audio system isn’t the best, but it is good enough for a TV of these dimensions, and so are the supported formats. The bad viewing angles were only eliminated in expensive OLED TVs, just like the motion blur. Even if it can appear while watching certain scenes, Samsung comes with a solution in Auto Motion Plus.

And even though there were many things to say about this TV, there’s one thing you can remember – its advantages are way above its downsides, and the picture it produces is far superior to any 4K TV of similar prices.

In my opinion, these factors are enough to make it the best 4K TV under $500 in the world.

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12 Responses

  1. Timothy says:

    I absolutely love this TV. I’ve had it for about 7 months and the picture is really good. I didn’t compare it with anything else, but to my eye it looks clear and smooth.

    Plus, this TV can get very bright. I didn’t read this anywhere before buying it, but I noticed it while watching with open windows, and sun rays into my room. The picture remains the same as before.

    Anyway, what bothers me sometimes is the motion blur in when watching races. I tried with Automotion, but sometimes the picture looks too clear to be true. What do you think I should do?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Timothy, it’s good to hear you’re satisfied with this TV.

      Regarding motion blur, there’s not much you can do. If Automotion feature doesn’t make the image look too good, you don’t have other choice. Some TVs have different levels for this Automotion feature, so adjusting the picture is possible easily. Unfortunately, the KU6300 isn’t among them and that’s no surprise for this price.

      I don’t think you plan to get another TV too soon, but if you do, check out the MU6300. It’s more of a gaming TV, but this means it’s also more suitable for watching sports. It has pretty good motion blur control and low response time. So it’s quite perfect for fast content as well. The price is a bit higher, but if the blur bothers you so much, it could be a better option.

  2. Belinda says:

    I’m searching for a cheaper TV and I found this one. I don’t care too much about other stuff, just picture quality because that’s what I’ll be using it for.

    However, I read other reviews and I found out about Samsung MU6300, which seems to be the newer version of this TV. What do you think about it? Is it better than this one?

    Thank you, Belinda

    • Dan says:

      Hi Belinda, you’re totally right about the MU6300, it is the newer version of this TV which was made in 2016.

      To be honest, I don’t really recommend it to you rather than this one. You can read everything in my review, but to sum up, I have 3 big reasons:

      1. You said picture is #1 for you, and the MU6300 doesn’t deliver a better picture than this KU6300 at all. I won’t enter any details because you can find them in my review

      2. The MU6300 is much better in gaming, but according to what you said, you don’t plan to use it as a PC or any of this kind. The reason why it’s so good in this is because of the fast response time and low input lag, so not necessarily because of pictures

      3. This KU6300 is around $200 cheaper, so for a lower budget this is real money.

      So I would buy this KU6300 if I were you. It would bring you a lot more benefits. 🙂

  3. Eric Crypton says:

    Nice TV, however what you didn’t mention was the input lag. Is it good enough for competitive gaming? Are there other TVs in this budget range that would work better as a PC monitor?

    I’m looking for a TV rather for gaming than for movie watching, so this would help me a lot

    • Dan says:

      Hey Eric, indeed I didn’t mention the input lag because I didn’t think it was too relevant. But I guess I should have.

      This TV has quite a low input lag for both 4K and 1080p mode. It’s somewhere around 20 seconds, which is more than great.

      However, if you don’t care too much about movies and shows, I would recommend you the MU6300. It’s very similar to this TV, but it’s much better in gaming – lower inut lag, faster response time and better motion blur control. Though this TV is not bad at all, I consider the MU6300 the best TV for gaming, at this price. Besides this, it doesn’t excel in any other chapter.

      So it’s up to you which you choose, but at this price, these 2 are pretty much the best ones. Hope this hels 😉

  4. Shawn Brown says:

    I bought this TV at your recommendation after reading your post last week.

    I got it 2 days ago and my first impression is that I made an excellent choice. The pictures are really clear and the colors are very good, so I can’t complain about technical data.

    I’m also planning to make a subscription to Netflix these days because I want to watch some original 4K content. Just like you said, this TV does play DVDs and the picture doesn’t such, but it’s not too clear either.

    I turned on the Auto Motion feature and the image got a bit better, though not excellent. Do you know if it’s okay keeping that on all the time I watch bad content? It makes the image look bad in 4K content, but in DVD I think it’s quite necessary. What do you think?

    • Dan says:

      Hey Shawn, glad to hear this.

      Of course you can let the Auto Motion on anytime you’re watching lower content like DVDs. That’s what this feature was made for, and if it makes the image more watchable it’s all good.

      In high-quality content the picture will probably look too smooth, so try to change the feature everytime you change content. But you’ll probably see this by yourself.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Anton X says:

    Nice post, this TV seems to offer some great pictures for the price.

    Do you think the fact that it supports HDR10+ instead of Dolby Vision is a disadvantage?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Anton, it’s not a disadvantage at all. Dolby Vision is the most modern format and very few TVs support it. Basically just LG’s latest lines and maybe a few more models, if I’m not wrong.
      On the other hand, many 4K TVs only support HDR, not HDR10+. So the fact that you can find HDR10+ support in a $500 TV is for sure a great advantage, not disadvantage.

  6. Leo says:

    I was looking for a budget 4K TV and I came across your site. This Samsung really got me, especially because of the good pictures you talk about.

    Is the audio system as bad? I don’t really know how much is 20 watts, but it doesn’t seem that much. I read about a lot of TVs and most had 40 watts in speakers. I ask because getting an extra pair of speakers is beyond my budget, so I wouldn’t buy this TV if it doesn’t have a good sound.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Leo,

      First of all, the audio system is not bad at all, despite having just 20 watt speakers. You’re right, most TVs have 40 watts, but that’s mostly available in mid-range models, not in budget ones. So I don’t think you saw many under $500 4K TVs with 40 watts speakers because there aren’t. And honestly, this doesn’t matter too much.

      From what you said, I don’t think you plan to use this TV as a home theatre system, so you really shouldn’t worry about the sound. Non-4K TVs all have a much lower audio system than 20 watts. And I never heard anyone complaining about their sound, did you?. So no matter how large is your room, sound shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t want a home theatre.

      So you can buy this TV without any worries.

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