LG OLED65E6P Review – Still The Best TV In The World?

LG OLED65E6P Review – Still The Best TV In The World?

It’s time for my LG OLED65E6P review, because it’s a serious contender for the title of world’s best TV.

The amazing picture, great motion blur control and easy smart system are just a few of its attraction points. Not to mention the dual play feature or the 3D support, which you can’t really find in other TVs.

However, are these great features worth the huge price of the E6P? And is it really the best 4K TV you can buy at this point?

It’s time to have a closer look at this gorgeous model.


So Let’s Get To The Review

Product name: OLED65E6P Flat 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

Producer: LG Electronics

Price: $4,297 at the time I wrote the review

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

My Rating: 9.5/10


In A Nutshell

The E6P was definitely the peak of LG’s OLED line, and that was visible afterwards. All of their following creations pretty much kept E6P’s features, with very little improvements.

The gorgeous glass panel, extra slim design, superior color accuracy, Dual Play option or both 3D and HDR format are things that make it the best choice among OLED TVs.

It may not be the very best 4K TV in the world right now, but it’s the best one worth buying. There is a 2017 line of OLEDs, but their minimal improvements are not worth an extra thousand in price.

So considering E6P’s features, it makes the very best choice, both in quality and price.


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1. Appearance & Design – The Glass Screen Beats It All

At this price, it was a surprise if the E6P didn’t look good. Its design is one of the most impressive ones on the market. And it’s surely one of the key factors that makes this TV the best from the 2016 generation.

The E6P looks indeed astounding, no matter from what side you’re looking. From the front it looks quite minimalist, making you wonder if you’re looking at a TV or at a living screen. The reason for this are the very thin borders, that look as if they were part of the screen themselves.

However, the very luxurious look of the E6P doesn’t come from any of these. The responsible are the original glass panels, that look absolutely gorgeous. 

LG were really inspired when choosing this material for the panels, and I don’t think they ever want to try anything else after its huge success. The 2017 generation proofs it all.

Therefore, LG’s E6P comes not only with an innovative approach when it comes to the screen, but also with highly improved features, like the reflection filter. So the black can stay black 100%.

LG OLED65E6P Review – Still The Best TV In The World?


2. Slimnes – A++

LG OLED65E6P Review – Still The Best TV In The World?Thin screens are no surprise when talking about OLEDs, in fact, they’re quite a regular design feature. However, the E6P keeps the standards high when it comes to slim – the 2016 model’s measures just 2.2 inches or 5 cm.

It may not sound that impressive if you compare it to LG’s future prototype (that measures just 2.5 mm), but at this point, it is still one of the top OLEDs from the width’s point of view. Even though it doesn’t excel at this job more than its B6 and C6 siblings, 2.2 inches slim is still a really good number for the E6P.

And believe me, it’s pretty hard to notice half an inch in width, so the difference between both the 2016 and 2017 models is pretty insignificant.


3. Picture Quality – All You Could Ever Wish

You’ve probably heard everywhere about the amazing graphic OLEDs have – yes, that’s already a fact. However, I noticed E6P’s picture quality is slightly superior to many others, thanks to some features that are not so commonly seen in OLEDs.

Skipping the parts with “what an amazing picture this TV offers” and “these sharpening effects are the best ones I’ve ever seen in a TV”, the first thing worth mentioning is that the superior image quality is the result of a really good design and technology development.


Contrast & Black Levels

 It is the main responsible for what appears to us as a “clear image”, and in LG’s E6P it has an infinite ratio. The levels of black can get lower than 0.0005 nits.

In case you don’t know what this means, well, it’s pretty much the darkest level of black visible for the human eye. The E6P is not alone in this, as the 2017 generation and most of the 2016 one can also deliver similar levels.

LG OLED65E6P Review – Still The Best TV In The World?

Samsung MU8000 (left) vs. E6P (right)


Regarding brightness, the peak in OLEDs is of at least 540 nits, and obviously that this number can be reached by the E6P. It may not be as bright as an LED, but the final image is much superior in any OLED. So don’t worry too much about theoretical terms in brightness.

One important improvement I noticed in E6P is that the screen edges had absolutely no vignette effects in black scenes. This was something the 2015 line dealt with, and even though it wasn’t extremely disturbing (some didn’t even notice), it was definitely a downside for the user experience.

Motion Blur 

As it was normal, motion blur is not a problem for LG’s models, and the E6P makes no exception from the rule. Even in sports the image remains very sharp, and the main responsible for this is the TruMotion system.

However, I did notice that in some of the slower scenes, the picture tends to slow down a little, but enough to make you aware of this. The best thing you can do in this case is to turn off TruMotion, even if you do it for just a short time. However, try to keep it turned on during really fast scenes, as it really improves the general picture quality.

LG OLED65E6P Review – Still The Best TV In The World?

The E6P (left) vs. the X900E (which delivers a very good picture itself)

Reflection Filter 

Though most TVs have this feature, it has a totally different structure in the E6P. 

The screen itself filters the reflection light, and it does it much better than most TVs. This may not sound like a big deal, but in the deep black scenes the reflections can be really annoying, especially if the windows aren’t covered. If you ever experienced anything like this, you know how frustrating it can be.



4. Up-scaling System & Content – Surprise, Dolby Vision!

LG’s UHD up-scaling device is called “Tru 4K Upscaler” and it has a huge advantage over its contenders.  It manages to make 420p content look incredibly good. Just take a look at the compared images from below. 

Obviously, 720p content is also up-scaled extremely good. To give you an example, the E6P up-scaled 720p content something like an average TV up-scales 1080p content. That is a really huge difference, for sure.

Besides, LG’s 2016 line (with the E6P included) support both HDR 10 format and another HDR format, Dolby Vision.

In case you didn’t hear of it, Dolby Vision is a recently appeared picture format that is considered the format of the future. That’s because of its close appearance to the human eye image.

At this point, LG is the only brand the supports Dolby Vision, which is a great plus over its competitors. So once you get an LG OLED, you can brag about this sophisticated format. 😉

LG OLED65E6P Review – Still The Best TV In The World?

From the left to the right: 480 p, 720p, 1080p and 4K content up-scaled by the E6P


5. Audio System – Previous Problems Solved

One of the major downsides of the 2015 line was the absence of a sound bar in some models. Without it, the TVs offered some pretty low audio qualities compared to everyone’s expectations.

Well, LG had a lot of improvement to do at this chapter, and they did not disappoint.

The 2016 generation came with a much better audio system. And even though the improvement could have been larger, it was still good enough for most critics.

The audio details are what makes the E6P the winner among its generation. Its 40 watts total sound output sound bar is loud enough to please everyone’s tastes, in my opinion. The older B6 and C6 are sound bar-less, which is probably their Achilles’ heel. On the other hand, the younger G6 comes with a 60 watt audio system, but with an extra $1000 in price too.

So if you ask me, the E6P remains the best choice, as its audio power is way more than you probably need.


6. Smart System – No Experience Needed

LG did not improve much in their 2015 smart system called WebOS, as there was no need for major changes.

The 2016 version, WebOS 3.0 maintains the same minimalist design, perfect for users who aren’t necessarily accustomed to specialized terms.

The only major change is the revised magic remote, which soon became a fan favorite. The best thing about this remote is that it’s digital. You can play with the pointer on screen in order to access the commands just like a laptop. That’s another really cool innovation from LG.

Another new feature is the voice control of the remote, which is a proof of how much technology evolved in just one year. Even though it doesn’t work at a full capacity, it’s still nice to play with.


7.Supported Formats – 3D Pays The Whole Price

With the arrival of HDR, 3D started losing a big part of its popularity, but that’s just in technology. People are still fans of 3D, so 4K TVs that support a three dimensional format are still selling decently. However, a lot of TV producing companies gave up 3D once they added HDR.

However, the E6P comes with a solution, as it’s one of the few 4K TVs that includes both 3D and HDR format. This means diversity available for all 4K lovers, no matter if they prefer HRD or 3D.

But getting back to 3D, the TV’s features for this format are absolutely awesome – the experience is pretty close to the one from cinemas, except the fact that you’re not watching a wall height screen.

The TV has an auto-detect feature, so you don’t have to manually select 3D mode from the settings. For 3D fans, I have to mention that the E6P uses a passive 3D technology. This means that you have to sit at the right distance in order to see the image perfectly. This right distance varies, but it’s basically just like watching regular content, not 3D.

If you think this is a downside, let me tell you that active 3D ability tends to produce headaches to around 50% of population, while passive 3D is much easier to watch from this point of view.

LG OLED65E6P Review – Still The Best TV In The World?

3D content on the E6P


8. Gaming – Dual Play Innovation

If you needed a last confirmation about how great is this TV, here’s the Dual Play feature in gaming. 

This Dual Play feature is definitely a freshness, so non-gamers may not know what it means. Well, it allows 2 players to play 2 different things on the same screen, while each of them seems just the screen he plays on. Dual Play only works with special glasses, and it impresses you from the first second.

However, if you’re buying an OLED TV exclusively for gaming, there is one downside worth mentioning in LG’s E6P.

If you’re gaming in HDR format, you should know that the E6P’s HDR input lag is a bit high, making gaming a bit harder. Anyway, the good part is that HDR games are not very common, so for everything else the input lag is pretty low, 10 ms different than B6P. So there’s a significantly faster response time.

Therefore, unless you’re a HDR addict, E6P is pretty much the perfect gaming OLED for everyone.

LG OLED65E6P Review – Still The Best TV In The World?

This is how Dual Play looks like


So Why Should You Get The E6P?

Because it’s the best performance 4K TV in the world, at this point.

Ever since it appeared on the market last year, it was praised by everyone. And despite the progress in the 2017 line, the E6P still remains the best choice in its field, in my opinion.


Why You Shouldn’t Get The 2017 Models Instead?

It’s all about the lowest price. The E6P is up to $1000 cheaper, and the slightly-improved features of the 2017 generation aren’t worth an extra thousand.They are the peak of 4K technology at this point, that’s true. But I would still advise you to get an E6P rather than an 2017 7P .

The reason? The features are pretty much the same, so is the design, and the stronger sound bar can be bought alone for less money. Plus, if you’re not an HDR addict in gaming, you don’t really need a 7P, as a 6P would be enough to make you fall deep in love.

Therefore, LG’s 2016 E6P isn’t the best TV in the world at this moment, but it is the best one worth buying. Even though it costs a small fortune itself, it offers pretty much the same features as the 2017 line, but a much better price/quality ratio.

So if you want to invest wisely and for a long term, choose the E6P. Considering its amazing features, it won’t grow any old in the next 10 years, trust me.

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2 Responses

  1. Benjamin Marks says:

    I’m surprised to find a good OLED TV that also supports 3D, especially passive 3D. That is a great advantage in my opinion, I haven’t found too many lately. I mean both OLED and non-OLED.

    So you think it’s worth this big price?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Benjamin, indeed there aren’t too many 4K TVs that support 3D. AS I said, it’s the era of HDR so unfortunately most gave up 3D in favor of this.

      I do believe this TV is worth this big price, but only if you want an OLED TV. It’s one of the OLEDs I recommend, but to be honest, most people don’t afford an OLED TV. So if you do afford it, I totally recommend it. If not, I recommend you this LED TV with an excellent quality in pictures.

      Hope this helps

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