Curved vs Flat TVs – Who Wins The Battle?

Curved vs Flat TVs - Who Wins The Battle?

In an era where smart TVs are a must in any home, producers tried to play with different models and styles. And probably the most famous disagreement is curved vs flat TVs.

There were so many discussions on this topic over the years that it’s hard to bring in something new. It’s impossible to pick a clear winner, as everyone has their own personal preference.

But despite this, today I will analyze several aspects of each TV type, in order to find out which makes a better choice. So do flat TVs win the battle easily? Or curved TVs have their own essential weapons?

It’s time to take a close look at several of their points.


1. DESIGN – Winner: Curved TVs

You can’t be objective at this chapter, it’s true. However, according to recent opinion pools, people prefer curved TVs when it comes to looks.

This style does look better from the front, that’s true. And unless we’re not talking about an A1E, curved TV’s luxurious look will always win. However, is it the same if we looked from the back?

Because of their fuller edges, curved TVs tend to be much thicker than flat ones. And if that was visible from the front, probably no one would buy them. For this reason, the thicker part is always placed in the back. 

So despite having a better frontal look, curved TVs are much uglier from the back. For this reason, they’re much harder to wall mount. But it’s up to you if you prefer a nicer or a thinner TV. 


2. VIEWING ANGLES – Winner: Curved TVs

At the time of their coming up, curved TVs were told to have a much wider viewing angle than their older rivals. However, today it’s quite clear that they’re just slightly better, not much better, as they said.

A curved screen does lead to a harder color fading, but the image still fades. The difference is that it does it uniformly. Instead, a flat TV’s image will fade progressively, from the edges to the center. 

So it’s about choosing the smallest downside. 

Personally speaking, I would prefer a TV whose image degrades together. So from this point of view, I would choose a curved TV. But keep in mind that I’m only talking about VA LED TVs. In every other case, look at the TV’s info or reviews because this will let you know its true viewing angle range.

Curved vs Flat TVs - Who Wins The Battle?


3. UTILITY – Tie

Choosing between a curved and a flat TV’s picture is like choosing a book from a library after its size. There are so many different models that you can’t give a general verdict.

Picture doesn’t really depend of type. However, I added this aspect because many people believe a TV’s shape is connected to its picture quality. Wrong! It does not have anything to do with it.

There is one thing worth mentioning, though. 

Curved screens usually come in premium models, because the company wants to make that TV even more special. This kind of TVs tend to cost much more and obviously, to have much better features.

So most curved models have excellent picture qualities, but that’s just because they are better in any other feature. It’s not about their design, this is just a consequence.

Therefore, you can’t really judge a TV’s picture after its style. There are also many flat TVs with excellent image quality, not just curved ones.



4. PRICE – Winner: Flat TVs

Even though it’s not a rule, curved TVs tend to cost a bit more than flat ones. The reason is the same as above – models with curved screens are usually premium, and so is their price.

You can find enough flat TVs at really low prices, some even under $500. However, it’s a bit harder to find a curved TV even under $1000. They’re also more rare, that’s true, but this is just a consequence of the fact that they’re not selling amazingly.

Therefore, if price is an important factor in your purchase, go for a flat TV. Not only that it would suit your pocket better, but you will also find a lot more models within your price range. 


5. POPULARITY – Winner: Flat TVs

Though curved screens look much better aesthetically, flat TVs are the ones present in everyone’s homes.

The reason? I personally believe it’s their history, as we’ve had flat screens since the creation of the first TVs. On the other hand, curved TVs are rather new.

If you look at numbers, 82% of the televisions bought in the last 3 years were flat. Now, at this time people already had a lot of curved models as well, but most still preferred flat ones. 

So flat screens were popular in the past, they are popular right now and they will probably stay so in the future. The only period when curved TV really came into play was around 2014-2015, when a lot of brands created curved screens in order to impress. But this didn’t last too long, because the results weren’t really the expected ones. 

Therefore, if you care about popularity, take a look at some flat models.


6. OPTIONS – Winner: Let’s Say Flat TVs

As their popularity is growing day by day, flat TVs can be found anywhere, anytime, in any model. 

There are thousand of options to choose from – depending on dimensions, price, features. However, curved TVs can’t complain either. Samsung is a great lover of curved screens, therefore they have tens of different models themselves. Not to mention the ones from LG or Sony, that put together are a significant number.

So it’s hard to draw a safe conclusion at this chapter. Flat TVs are indeed more numerous, but you won’t lack options even if you’re looking for a curved screen.

Curved vs Flat TVs - Who Wins The Battle?


7. FUTURE – Winner: Flat TVs Most Likely 

The future looks good for 4K TVs in general, doesn’t matter what style. Both flat and curved screens have great chances to impress even more in the next years.

However, if we have to compare them directly, I personally believe flat TVs will stay on top over curved ones. 

The reason? Well, curved screens have been around for a while now and not much changed. In 2013, companies believed curved screens would be something revolutionary,  and that once they appeared, everyone would start to forget about flat TVs.

Surprisingly or not, it wasn’t really so. Instead, flat TVs started getting even more popular, so this is quite a clear sign that curved screens aren’t what everyone is looking for.

Therefore, their future does look good, but I believe they will stay behind flat TVs for most of the time. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting a curved TV, if you prefer this style.


So Who Wins The Battle – Curved Or Flat?

In my opinion, flat TVs are the winners. Their average price is much lower, you have more options to choose from and their future predictions are the best. 

On the other hand, curved TVs do look better and have a better image from the side, but they lose some points because of their higher prices. 

However, both TV types could make an excellent choice – it only depends of your needs. If you want a TV for a long-term or you don’t have a huge budget available, go for a flat TV. Otherwise, if you care about viewing angles and looks, maybe a curved one would suit you better.

Anyway, these are general facts and there are many exceptions to them. Both TV types have advantages and downsides, it’s up to you if you choose them wisely.

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