Best 5 Curved TVs Under $1000 – The Buyer’s Guide

The end of 2020 is close, so it’s time to pick up the winners of this year in TV terms. And if you’re not a huge fan of regular, flat televisions, it’s your lucky day.

Here are a Top 5 of the Best Curved TVs Under $1000 you can get at this point. Though Samsung is the usual curve-favorite, there are plenty of choices for every taste. And pocket.

So starting from the end, here are the curved TVs you shouldn’t skip this season.


5. Samsung K6250 ($747.94)

The 2020 model comes in with decent picture quality, upgraded smart system, and very modern design.

Best 7 Curved TVs Under $1000 - The Buyer's Guide

However, it has a few major downsides compared to its competitors. The lack of local dimming and the low brightness peak is something that Samsung could have improved in the K6250. 

However, it takes the last spot on my top for another reason. It only comes with a 1080p resolution, which isn’t a thing you can brag about in 2020.

  • Very good black levels and contrast ratio (5305:1)
  • Wider viewing angles than most VA TVs
  • The up-scaling engine converts even cable-based content
  • Simple but efficient smart platform (Tizen smart OS)
  • Effective reflection filter (the curved screen also helps)
  • No HDR format supported
  • Low SDR peak brightness rates
  • No local dimming feature
  • Very poor sound quality (low harmonic distortion)
  • Average input lag for gaming (47 ms)


4. Samsung KU6600 ($999.00)

The gorgeous KU6600 model has all the right to be among the best-curved TVs of the year. Though it doesn’t really excel in any chapter, this TV comes with pretty good levels in most segments.

Best 5 Curved TVs Under $1000 – The Buyer’s GuideIt delivers a better picture than its price range competitors and it comes with an incredibly low input lag. So gamers, watch out for this TV!

On the other hand, this model loses some points when it comes to viewing angles, where it doesn’t have the skills of most curved TVs.

  • Excellent contrast rates (6162:1) and deep levels of black
  • Decent SDR and HDR peak brightness rates
  • The up-scaling system is over average, including cable converted content
  • No image retention
  • Very low input lag (19.8 ms), with HDR format included
  • Decent response time (around 22 ms)
  • Thicker than average, with a plain design when viewed from the back
  • No local dimming
  • Bad viewing angles (colors start deteriorating at 26°)
  • Average sound quality 


3. Samsung KU6500 ($799.00)

At the time of its creation, the KU6500 was probably one of the best curved TVs on the market. Unfortunately for it, things have evolved quite fast and it remained behind the latest LG creations.

Best 5 Curved TVs Under $1000 - The Buyer's GuideHowever, it’s still one of the best curved TVs under $1000

Its pictures are more than decent, it’s good enough to please most gamers and it can anytime impress your guests with its gorgeous design. The only chapter where there’s much room for improvement is the side viewing.

  • Decent brightness levels, both in SDR and HDR
  • No image retention
  • Excellent black levels and contrast, so the pictures look great in dark rooms
  • Over average motion blur control
  • Low response rate and input lag (19.8 ms)
  • Average sound quality (better at a lower volume)
  • No wide color gamut
  • Colors start degrading at 26° from the center
  • No local dimming feature


2. Samsung KU7500 ($799.00)

Compared to the Ku6500, this newer model comes with a wider color gamut and a better overall HDR performance. 

The KU7500 is the perfect curved TV for someone who’s not a movie addict. It may not have the best image you’ve ever seen, but it delivers over average pictures. That especially in darker spaces, where it works at its best. Plus, it’s the perfect choice for gamers.

Best 5 Curved TVs Under $1000 – The Buyer’s GuideOn the negative side, the TV can’t control motion blur as well as others. But unless you have a very quick eye, you will most likely never notice this. 

  • Very elegant design
  • Excellent contrast rates (5555:1) and no image retention
  • Over average response time (19.4 ms)
  • The conversion system is better than average
  • Wide color gamut
  • HDR10 format is supported
  • Excellent for any kind of gaming (HDR included) – the input lag is around 20 ms in Game mode
  • Tizen platform is simple and easy to use
  • Low SDR and HDR brightness
  • No local dimming feature
  • Bad viewing angles compared to IPS TVs, but still better than most VA panel ones (colors only start degrading at 35°)


1. Samsung MU6500 ($757.00)

Samsung’s latest 2020 model is also the best curved TV under $1000 you can get at this point. 

Best 5 Curved TVs Under $1000 – The Buyer’s GuideThe TV may not bring thousands of improvements compared to its predecessors, but it does come with excellent picture skills, lower input lag, AND… a much better price!

On the other hand, not even this new model is perfect. It keeps the same viewing angle problems as its 2016 cousins.

However, as an overall mark, it is above any of the other curved TVs under $1000. At least for this year.

  • Classic, elegant design that looks quite expensive
  • Very high contrast rates (5232:1) and dark black levels
  • Good brightness levels, especially in SDR
  • Decent reflection filter
  • The up-scaling system does its job with any kind of content (480p or above)
  • Good response time and low input lag (around 19 ms)
  • Average audio system
  • The smart system Tizen comes with a few improvements (voice control)
  • The best price of all curved 4K TVs
  • Bad viewing angles (color degradation starts at 26°)
  • HDR peak brightness could be better

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