Is A 4K TV Worth It? 9 Advantages Of Smart TVs You Had No Idea About

Are 4K TVs Really Worth It? 9 Advantages Of Smart TVs You Had No Idea About

                                           Photo by Karlis Dambrans

With all the fuss made around 4K TVs, their name is on everyone’s lips – but so is their questionable utility. A lot more people start questioning the benefits of these new 4K TVs more and more every day.

They do look modern and sophisticated, their picture quality is also superior to any other, but…is a 4K TV worth it, considering how much they cost?

Well, today I want to show that they are. Therefore, here are 9 advantages of smart TVs you would never think of.


1. Only Cinemas Have A Better Image Quality

Up to this point, 4K TVs are considered #1 among the screen devices you can take home, talking in terms of resolution and picture quality.

If you’re a cinema fan, you probably know how clear and deep are the images on screen. Well, the images on 4K TVs aren’t very far from that. The only difference is that the screen is much smaller than in the cinema, but the colors and the clarity are pretty close.

So excepting the digital cinema screens, 4Ks are right on top when it comes to image quality. And this happens even if the content you’re watching isn’t an original 4K one… I think that’s a pretty strong argument to begin with, do you agree? 😉


2. They Are Among The Trends Of The Future

Since their appearance about 5 years ago, smart TVs’ popularity massively grew every year. So there’s no wonder experts consider them one of the main devices of the future.

In fact, 4Ks have been named as one of the top 5 trends in technology in 2017, and it’s pretty sure they will stay on the list for the next year as well. The reason? People love 4K TVs! They may not have loved them back in 2013, but they definitely do now. 😀

So getting a 4K TV will pretty much guarantee that you stay in fashion when it comes to technology.

Are 4K TVs Really Worth It? 9 Advantages Of Smart TVs You Had No Idea About

Photo by Chris F

3. Internet Connection

Did you know that smart TVs automatically connect to Internet, as long as there’s a WiFi source around?  Well, it’s not one of the features they’re mostly praised for, so a lot of people aren’t aware of this useful detail. Or they simply override its importance.

Anyway, the point is that once these devices connect to Internet, you can do any single thing you do on your smartphone: watch live/recorded videos on YouTube (and not only), use applications and social media and even play games. And now that we got to this point, it’s essential to mention that…


4. They Make Great Gaming Devices

Probably one of the less popular 4K TV features is gaming. Why? It simply doesn’t cross most people’s mind that a TV could have much to do with professional gaming.

Anyway, gaming is definitely a really big pro for getting a 4K TV, but the problem is that this feature isn’t extremely well-developed yet. I mean, there are a lot of games that aren’t really designed for a 4K format, which means the image, the quality of the game and the overall experience may not be much better than if you played it on a PC.

However, things are on the good way. At this point, more and more games companies are focusing on 4K games. So at this very moment, getting a 4K exclusively for gaming isn’t the best thing you can do. But in 2 years, I will probably have to delete this affirmation. 😉

Are 4K TVs Really Worth It? 9 Advantages Of Smart TVs You Had No Idea About


5. Larger Screens’ Popularity Is Growing Every Year

Do you remember when smartphones came around? At first they were pretty small and with a basic design. Well, I don’t know if you noticed, but year after year, as their features improved, the screen size started to grow bigger and bigger.

And what do we have now? The most expensive smartphones are also the larger ones, because the size of the screen is indirectly considered a factor of its performance.

And it’s exactly the same thing with televisions. That’s the reason why we see larger TVs every year. If you look back in 2012, a good TV had somewhere around 35-40 inches at most, while today, such a TV would probably be somewhere around average.

Whether they are an LED or an OLED, big screen are a must. So that’s an extra reason to get a 4K TV, as the big-screen fashion will surely not go away too soon. 😉


6. Prices Are Quite Decent

If the high price used to be 4K’s biggest downside, well, those times are long gone.

A lot of new companies started focusing on smart TVs, and they started to sell them much cheaper than classic brands (like Samsung or Sony). Therefore, there was a lot of pressure on those industry giants to lower the price, if they wanted to keep up with the competition.

And that’s exactly what they did. Samsung started creating a lot of budget smart TVs, whose price can be as low as $450-$500, depending on the place where you buy them from.

And these are great news for the buyers, especially if we look at the prices at 4Ks a few years back. You could hardly find one under $1500, and now you can get so many under $1000. So when it comes to the price, 4K TVs aren’t such a “hole pocket” as they used to be in the past.


7. The User Experience Is Really Worth It

There’s a huge difference between a 4K TV and an HD one. And I’m sure everyone who ever watched a 4K will agree with me.

The general user experience is much better with a 4K because of the depth, color details and accuracy of the images.

Do you remember when the HD era started? Everyone was amazed by the clarity of the images and (what we thought then) the amazing quality of the images. And I’m pretty sure we all believed that…

So it’s something similar now, except that HD is replaced by 4K. I let you image the picture quality if you haven’t seen it yet.


8. 4K Content Is Rapidly Growing

Another excuse used by people who didn’t like 4K TVs was the lack of specific content, as there was only Netflix and a few sports channels. I said WAS, attention!

Because in the last 2 years, we’ve seen an explosion of 4K designed movies and channels. Besides Netflix and BT Sports, now we have Amazon, Ultraflix, Vudu, and even YouTube (which was probably the first in 4K streaming, but not the most popular).

Besides, there are a lot of games being developed especially for smart TVs, so gamers, watch out! 😉

Are 4K TVs Really Worth It? 9 Advantages Of Smart TVs You Had No Idea About


9. The Growing Range For All Pockets And Tastes

2-3 years ago at this time, some of the most common complaints about 4K TVs was the small number of models available, the really narrow range of dimensions and the extremely unaffordable prices. So these 3 elements were always used when you wanted to criticize the newly-appeared 4Ks.

However, time made a difference in this case too. 

At this point, not only that the average price in 4K is lowered down to $1000-$1200, but the number of creating brands and companies almost doubled. Besides, nowadays 4K TVs are available in a lot more patterns than before: larger, smaller, wider, narrower, LCD, OLED and many others. So it’s everything you want for everyone who needs.


Final Thoughts 

4K TVs may not have been the best choice a few years back, but today they are among the most popular devices bought online. The lowering prices and the growing 4K content has definitely made them one of people’s favorite choice when it comes to technology items.

Not to mention the superior image quality and user experience, that is only beaten by digital cinemas probably. These smart TVs connect to the Internet alone and they offer a great gaming experience, so keep your eyes on them…

They will surely get right on top in your preferences in the next 3 years, you bet. 😉

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