4K TVs VS HD TVs – Which One Suits Your Needs Better?

4K TVs VS HD TVs – Which Make The Better Choice For Your Needs?

4K TVs are probably the most important trend in technology this year, and they don’t seem to be going away too soon.

But what about the classic HDs? They still have decent features for the average buyers, plus that they didn’t grow any old yet. And they don’t seem too willing to lose their ground too soon.

Today I’m comparing these two technology giants – 4K TVs vs HD TVs. So who will win the battle?


1. Image quality – WINNER: 4Ks

There’s a pretty big difference in resolution between the 2 types of TVs: if HD has around 1,280 x 720 pixels, 4K is about 4 times larger with 3,840 x 2,160 ones.

Obviously, the number of pixels is responsible for the image quality and clarity, so the more pixels a TV has, the better pictures it will have. And judging after this, there’s a pretty big difference between the 2, do you agree?

So when it comes to visual experience, 4K TVs are definitely the winners, whether they are an LED or an OLED. HD TVs have a pretty high image quality themselves, so imagine 4 times that quality. It looks pretty similar to eyesight, believe me. So that’s a good reason to get a 4K TV. 😉


2. Dimensions – WINNER:  Let’s say 4Ks

Here I can’t give such a clear verdict, simply because there isn’t a rule for perfect dimensions.

Experts say that the best-seller televisions in 2017 are around 45 inches, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the standard dimension.

However, 4K TVs are available in a lot of dimensions, from 40 to even 70 inches (which is a bit too wide, in my opinion). It’s true that you probably get the best visual experience from a 4K TV that has at least 55 inches, but the picture quality will be much better even on a 40 inch one.

When it comes to HD TVs, I noticed that most have between 25-40 inches, while the ones over 40 are pretty rare (and more expensive, obviously). 

So judging from this point of view, I can’t really pick a clear winner, but I prefer 4Ks because the range of dimensions they are available in is much wider. So it’s like “everything for every taste and budget”. 😉

4K TVs VS HD TVs – Which Make The Better Choice For Your Needs?


3. Price – WINNER: Pretty much HDs

This is an aspect where you can’t be 100% objective either, considering there are a lot of brands and features available on the market. But mainly, HD TVs are much cheaper than 4Ks, no matter what brand you choose.

To give you an example, you can buy a really good HD TV with $500, while a decent 4K one costs at least around $1000. These are real facts, but you can find a lot of 4K TVs under $1000 on the market. If they are good enough, that’s another story…

However, you can’t find a lot of HD TVs over $1000 because most that are above this price are actually 4K. I mean, most 4K TVs are called something like “(Name of the brand) 4K Ultra HD…”.

So a 4K TV is always HD too, but a HD TV is never a 4K too. 

Therefore, when a TV has both “4K” and “HD” in its name, it means it’s 4K. (It will probably also cost over $500, so you can notice easily). But when it has only “HD” and it doesn’t mention anything of “4K”, then it’s definitely not 4K. It’s a bit clearer now? 


4. Range Of Options – WINNER: HDs

4Ks have been loudly hitting the market lately, you probably know that. That’s because more and more companies start focusing on these smart gadgets, so a lot more models appear every month.

However, until now 4K TVs can’t really compare to HD ones when it comes to the range of options available on the market. As HD TVs have been around for such a long time (they started getting popular around 10 years ago if I’m not wrong), it’s obvious that there are thousands of brands and millions of different models available for every budget and every taste.

Therefore, HD TVs are definitely easier to find, especially if you want to have more options. Although you have enough 4K TVs to choose from, still the number of HDs remains considerably larger.

Look at the screenshot I took below – it compares the number of HDs found on Amazon (1,293) with the number of 4Ks (just 452). And even though they’re both pretty high numbers, there’s still a much better choice if you’re buying an HD.

4K TVs VS HD TVs – Which Make The Better Choice For Your Needs?


5. 5 Year Prognosis – WINNER: 4Ks For Sure

To be honest, I’m quite sure HD TVs will go out of fashion in the nearby future. And yes, maybe they won’t completely in the next 5 years, but in the next 10 ones for sure.

Price is also a pretty important factor, and if you look back in 2013 when the first 4K TVs appeared, there weren’t too many people out there who could afford them. And what was next? Well, the 4K models multiplied every year and the prices started getting lower and lower, until they became affordable for normal people.

So that’s what I expect in the next 5 years too. 4K TVs will become affordable for everyone, and considering the superior image quality they have, they will easily replace HDs. Not all of a sudden, but gradually we will forget HDs and we will move to 4K.

And judging after the prognosis I give to each of these 2 TV types, 4K is definitely the one that will not go away.


And The Winner Is…4K

After analyzing 5 of the most important things about them, I would definitely pick 4K TVs as the winners:

  • The image quality they offer is 4 times better than HD and it looks pretty similar to our eyesight
  • If you’re a fan of larger TVs, 4K are just perfect for you. If not, you can still find a lot of models with regular dimensions (although you will only benefit around 85% of the 4K resolution)
  • The prices seem to be decreasing every year, so now there are a lot of brands and models with really good prices (you can find many even under $1000)
  • Even though HD TV buyers still have more options to choose from, there seems to be a big increase in the range of 4Ks produced every month. So at this moment, if you’re looking for a 4K, you can’t really complain you don’t have where to choose from 
  • 4Ks are the TVs of the future, so in 10 years we will probably not even remember HD, as everyone will have a 4K at home (or maybe something even better)

So if you ask me, I would definitely choose a 4K TV in favor of a HD one. HDs had their glory, but now it’s the age of modern technology, so of 4Ks.

Therefore, if you’re not the lucky owner of a 4K yet, what are you waiting for? 😀

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