21+ Reasons Why You Need A Smart TV In Your Home

21+ Reasons Why You Need A Smart TV In Your Home

Smart TVs are definitely the best-sellers in TV industry at this point, mostly because everyone starts to understand the benefits they bring. However, there is still a decent per cent of people that don’t believe in their so-called value.

So if you happen to be on that side, today I want to give you 21 reasons why you need a smart TV in your life. You may be surprised, but this kind of TV could bring you more benefits than you can imagine.


1. Best Image

Although it’s not a compulsory characteristic, picture quality is at its best in smart TVs. The amazing contrast rates, great color accuracy and really good brightness levels are only seen in this kind of TVs.

The user experience is also much better than anywhere else, and the increasing popularity of smart TVs stands as a witness. Any kind of content will look good on a smart screen. It can be HD, Blu-ray based or even cable one. Some smart TVs even play DVD content decently, and the picture quality is visibly improved.


2. Internet Conectivity

21+ Reasons Why You Need A Smart TV In Your HomeSmart TVs nowadays have a pre-built Wi-fi system that allows them to connect to Internet easily. Just like smartphones, the connection is automatic and doesn’t have to be manually set up each time.

The only thing to watch out is that the Wi-fi router is placed close enough to the TV. This means either in the same room, or in the next one at most. Otherwise, with a weak Internet connection, your smart TV won’t be able to stream online content properly.


3. Slim Design

When it comes to look, smart TVs are definitely the winner among all the other TVs. There isn’t a standard regarding dimensions or fabrics. You can see from glass panels to a minimalist design in 4K TVs. However, there’s one design element that is always present – thinness.

While OLEDs are always under 0.4 inches, LCDs and LEDs are visibly thicker but they all manage to stay under 2 inches. This may not sound like an incredibly number, but if you see what it means in reality, you will surely get excited about smart TVs.


4. Games & Apps Available

That’s one of the main reasons for smart TV’s popularity. They are easily able to replace a PC when it comes to gaming, and the graphics will be much improved than in the previous case.

However, if you’re not necessarily a gamer and you don’t buy a smart TV for this reason, you will still love its applications feature. Google Play and Chromecast are some of the usual pre-installed app systems, which allow you to download any possible app you could think of.

21+ Reasons Why You Need A Smart TV In Your Home


5. Cord Cutting

If you’re not a big fan of your cable television and you’re trying to cancel it as soon as possible, a smart TV may be the best thing that can happen to you.

Smart TVs are capable of live streaming anytime, plus that there are paid online services like Netflix or Vudu. They have a wide range of content and, unless you need cable television for other reasons, they make a much better choice for to picture quality as well.


6. Picture Customization

Besides having the best graphics in the world, smart TVs also have a dozen of settings you can customize after your own taste.

Your want a darker picture but you want to keep the contrast high? No problem, you can change this with just a few commands. You wish the speed was a bit lower? There’s the soap opera effect, which you can turn on instantly.

Even though most are related to picture, there are still enough settings for the home menu, sound or gaming. So when it comes to this, smart TVs are smarter than any other device.

21+ Reasons Why You Need A Smart TV In Your Home


7. Voice Control

That’s not always a pre-installed feature, but 75% of actual smart TVs do have it. The voice control is a really cool trick you can use anytime. If you feel tired, lazy or if you’re simply bored of the classic remote, just press the “Voice control” button and say what you want to do next.

The system can change the channel, connect to your social media accounts, open or download any app or even play a video from You Tube instantly. Some smart TVs are also compatible with Alexa, so if you already own the Amazon voice system, that’s the best place to use it.


8. Growing Content Variety

Despite being a huge problem for 4K TVs in the last years, content shouldn’t be a worry anymore.

There are a lot of paid services (the most popular being Netfix) or even free ones like You Tube. However, smart are also capable of transforming older, non-4K content easily. And the result is usually more than decent.

So if you ever hear content mentioned as a downside for smart TVs, just forget about it. It’s surely 2-3 years old.

21+ Reasons Why You Need A Smart TV In Your Home


9. Device Connections

All smart TV contain at least 3 USB ports that allow you to connect them to your smartphone, camera or tablet. This feature is really useful whenever you want to transfer photos, music or even files.

On the other hand, it’s not only devices that you can connect your smart TV to. Many home theatre fans choose an additional soundbar that will improve the audio skills of the TV. Obviously, the soundbar can only be connected through the USB ports.


10. Recommendations

Have you seen the recommendation line every smart TV has? Well, if you haven’t, you will surely love it.

The smart system will give you suggestions about what you may like to watching, based on your viewing history. It’s something like what you get on You Tube, except that they come in a much nicer shape. Besides, if you connect to your friends, you can get recommendations from what they usually like to watch. So this feature is a proof why smart TVs are called like this.


11. Upgraded Comfort

From the point of view of comfort, smart TVs are definitely the best on the market.

No other device allows you to surf the net sitting on your sofa and using the remote (or even just the voice), to find a movie without knowing its name or changing the settings just to make the picture perfect. And these are all small things, just a few of the many other a smart TV can do.

So counting on this, there isn’t any other so comfortable electronic piece created. Or at least, not available yet.


12. Intelligent Search

Continuing with smart features, these TVs also have an impressing search feature. You don’t necessarily need to know the name of a show in order to find it – just write its topic, genre or anything you know about it and your TV will show you a long list of titles that you can choose from.

The search button also has a lot of filters that you can use whenever you don’t know what to watch. The TV will find the most appropriate choices according to what you’re searching.

13. Smartphone/Tablet Control

Did you know that you can change picture settings right from the buttons of your cellphone? Or that you can access any app on your TV just using your tablet?

Well, these are some basic features that you can find in almost every smart TV. Just connect your device to the TV through the USB ports and start using it with a comfort of touchscreen.


14. Music Player Skills

Music lovers will definitely fall in love with the simplicity of smart TVs. Most do have a music player app pre-installed, but even if that’s not the case, Google Play is full of programs of this kind.

You Tube itself is probably the best music player in the world, as you only need Internet connection to listen to any existent song. If it’s not on You Tube, it probably doesn’t exist. So any additional space to store your music videos isn’t required.

21+ Reasons Why You Need A Smart TV In Your Home

15. Easy Internet Surfing

On a smart TV, there’s nothing easier than Internet surfing.

At least one web browser is always pre-installed in any smart TV’s configuration, and you can navigate the Internet using the basic remote or even the voice control command. It’s up to you.

Another really cool things about surfing the net is that you can actually do this while you’re watching a show or a movie. There’s a “picture-in-picture” setting that allows you to watch 2 things at the same time.


16. Video Conference

If you can use any app in the world, you can also use Skype on your smart TV. And probably the best things about Skype are video conferences, which are no problem for these TVs.

Just log in your Skype account (or any other app you wan to use), choose the person you want to video with and enjoy the benefits of a video conference right from your comfortable sofa.

21+ Reasons Why You Need A Smart TV In Your Home


17. Home Theatre Experience

For cinema fans that don’t have enough time for their hobby, a performant smart TV comes as a real blessing. The great picture quality, the large screen and the easy-to-customize settings are the best when it comes to visual experience.

However, there are pretty few smart TVs whose sound system can raise the expectations of a home theatre experience. For this reasons, many fans choose an additional soundbar that would greatly improve the audio part.


18. Automatic Updates

That’s another feature that can really free your time. Just like most smartphones, smart TVs also choose the updates by themselves and execute them with your approval.

This case actually save a lot of your time, as a lot of older smartphones used to manually request approval for each and every app that needs to be updated. Or even worse, sometimes you had to check which needs to be updated yourself.

So when it comes to smart TVs, things have gotten super easy from this point of view.


19. Content Compatibility

A great feature of smart TVs is their up-scaling system, a mechanism that transforms low-quality content into a much better one.

The result? The picture quality is much improved and so is the user experience. All smart TVs are created with such a system, but its performance level depends. That’s why more expensive TVs have a better image quality overall. 

But the presence of an up-scaling system in a smart TV is a mark of performance itself. Playing content that isn’t made for smart TVs won’t be a problem anymore.


20. Social Media Skills

What would be the point of Internet connection if you couldn’t use social media? Surely it would make a difference.

Checking out your Facebook news feed or browsing around Pinterest pictures is much better on a large screen, sitting comfortably on your sofa. Even the conversations on Messenger are much more pleasant. So if you haven’t experienced that yet, a smart TV will make you love the feeling.


21+ Reasons Why You Need A Smart TV In Your Home


21. Dropping Prices

If those high prices are the main reason why you haven’t bought a smart TV yet, well…you no longer have an excuse.

The growing industry made the prices decrease so much that smart TV became accessible to any regular customer. You can find many under $700, and there are enough even under $500. Though I would only recommend certain ones from the last category.


Final Thoughts

A smart TV is starting to become a necessity in our world. And if it’s not really a must today, it will be in 2-3 years.

The great pictures, super useful features and the wide content are all some big advantages that only smart TVs can bring. And if these aren’t enough to convince you, remember the large number of ways in which they can be used.

There could be tens reasons why you need a smart TV in your home, but above you only have 21. And I’m sure they made you understand that smart TVs are no longer a vanity, but a necessity.

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  1. Sky says:

    What about the trends? I would buy a TV for this reason, considering 4K TVs are very popular right now.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Sky, that didn’t sound like a major reason to me but you can take it as one, sure. Lol.

      There wouldn’t be a lot of people who would buy a 4K just for that, but yeah, it can happen. I do agree 4K TVs are very popular, and they will probably stay so for a long time.

  2. Zackaria says:

    Nice tips, I never thought about using my smart TV for Skype. Guess I’ll know where to talk on Skype from now on

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